Foreign Exchange Exposure

Guidelines for the Management of Crown and Departmental Foreign-Exchange Exposure#

The guidelines have been developed to support the Crown’s management of Crown and departmental foreign-exchange exposure policy. This policy requires departments to cover all material foreign-exchange exposures on transactions related to their normal course of business in terms of guidelines approved by the Minister of Finance. They are incorporated as part of the Treasury Instructions. These guidelines have been updated and replace the previous version, dated 2003.

The Treasury’s FX Product Offering to Departments and Crown Entities#

This document sets out the foreign-exchange (FX) products that the Treasury's New Zealand Debt Management (NZDM) Directorate can provide to departments and Crown entities. This is a partner document to the Treasury Guidelines for the management of Crown and departmental foreign-exchange exposure.

Downloadable template of the Standardised Foreign-Exchange Policy#

To assist departments in providing their foreign-exchange policies, we have supplied a downloadable word document template.

Accessible version

If you require an accessible version, please contact [email protected] and cite the title of the document as a reference.