Crown Entities Act: Statement of Intent Guidance

This guidance sets out the purpose of a Crown entity statement of intent (SOI), and the content and process requirements for a SOI. It provides information that will help Crown entities understand the requirements under the Crown Entities Act 2004 (CEA).

The guidance covers these questions:

  • Why is a Crown entity required to publish a SOI?
  • When does the SOI need to be developed?
  • What content needs to be in the SOI?
  • How should departments keep users in mind when selecting, developing, structuring, and presenting information for intentions? 
  • How and when do Crown entities publish their SOI and have them presented to the House?

This guidance also has a companion document, Companion document to Strategic Intentions and Statement of Intent guidance, with

  • suggestions on good practice processes which are associated with developing a SOI - such as strategic thinking, planning, and joined-up performance reporting within the Crown entity.
  • prompts that can help people new to developing a SOI lead a process that draws together the content for discussion with the relevant people inside the Crown entity.

Table of contents

Purpose of this guidance

  • Companion document of prompts and process suggestions
  • Entities subject to this Guidance
  • Statement of intent coverage
  • Audience for this Guidance
  • Questions and Feedback

Why is a Crown entity required to publish a statement of intent?

  • Crown entity performance reporting is vital for public accountability to Parliament
  • The SOI provides the medium-term framework for understanding Crown entity performance and organisational health

When does a Crown entity develop and then provide their statement of intent?

  • What time period does a SOI cover?
  • When does the SOI come into force?
  • When is a new or amended SOI required?
  • Time extension due to a significant change in nature or scope or functions
  • Waiver where disestablishment or removal from the Companies Register is likely
  • Timetables for providing a new or amended SOI

What content needs to be in a statement of intent?       

  • Requirements for information in the statement of intent
  • Objectives, functions and intended operations
  • How the Crown entity intends to manage its functions and operations, and its organisational health and capability
  • Assessing performance
  • Any other matters
  • Signature on behalf of the Board

Keeping users in mind when selecting, developing, structuring and presenting information for intentions     

How and when is a statement of intent presented to the House and published?

  • When does the responsible Minister present the statement of intent to the House?
  • Should the statement of intent be a standalone document or can it be presented to the House with other documents?
  • When and where do we publish the SOI?

Minimum content requirements and expectations