At-a-glance summary

Budget at a Glance 2016

The Budget at a Glance (Pamphlet) is the overview of key Budget information and contains the main points for the media and public. This summarises the Government's spending decisions and key issues raised in the Budget Speech 2016, the Fiscal Strategy Report 2016, and the Budget Economic and Fiscal Update 2016.

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  • Investing in a Growing Economy
    • Innovative New Zealand
    • Public Infrastructure
    • Social Investment
    • Health
    • Other
  • Economic and Fiscal Outlook
    • The outlook for the economy is positive
    • Global trading conditions remain challenging
    • Operating allowances remain moderate
    • Significant capital investment
    • The fiscal outlook is improving
    • New Zealand's economic and fiscal performance is among the strongest in the developed world
    • Key facts for taxpayers
    • Crown Balance Sheet
    • Core Crown expenses
    • Core Crown revenue