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Estimates of appropriations

Vote Transport - Economic Development and Infrastructure Sector - Estimates of Appropriations 2015/16

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Thursday, 21 May 2015
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Thursday, 21 May 2015
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Vote Transport

APPROPRIATION MINISTER(S): Minister of Transport (M72)



Overview of the Vote

Vote Transport encompasses the funding of the road, rail, aviation and maritime transport modes. The major entities involved are the Ministry of Transport, the New Zealand Transport Agency and KiwiRail, as well as the other transport Crown entities, the Civil Aviation Authority (incorporating the Aviation Security Service), Maritime New Zealand and the Transport Accident Investigation Commission.


The largest element of the Vote is the funding for roading ($3,891 million or 91% of the total Vote). This is primarily the funding for the National Land Transport Programme which is funded from road tax revenue collected by the Crown ($3,014 million or 71% of the Vote).

$768 million of the balance (18%) relates to loans from the Crown:

  • $500 million for cash flow management. This appropriation does not take account of any repayments made and the facility may not exceed $250 million at any one time
  • $123 million to rebuild earthquake damaged roads in Christchurch, and
  • $145 million for projects in the Auckland Transport Package.

The balance of funding for roading is provided by the Crown for specific projects. In 2015/16 this includes $74 million for Regional State Highways and $35 million for Urban Cycleways.


Crown funding for Rail makes up 6% of the Vote - $255 million, mainly:

  • $210 million ongoing equity investment to support capital expenditure on the New Zealand rail system
  • $29 million from property transactions by New Zealand Railways Corporation, reinvested in KiwiRail Holdings Limited. The Crown does not inject funds but an appropriation is required as the transaction increases the equity of KiwiRail Holdings Limited, a state-owned enterprise, and
  • $12 million for metro rail projects in Wellington.
Crown Entity and Other Funding

The balance of the Vote ($124 million) is mainly split between:

  • $33 million for the Ministry of Transport as departmental funding
  • $30 million for Crown entities for outputs. The transport Crown entities receive most of their funding from third party fees and charges
  • $28 million for SuperGold Card public transport concessions, and
  • $21 million for weather forecasting services from the Meteorological Service of New Zealand.

Details of these appropriations are set out in Parts 2-4.

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Thursday, 21 May 2015