Estimates of appropriations

Vote Tourism - Estimates 2010/2011


ADMINISTERING DEPARTMENT: Ministry of Economic Development


Overview of the Vote#

The Minister of Tourism is responsible for appropriations in the Vote for the 2010/11 financial year covering the following:

  • a total of just over $8 million for policy advice and research to promote a high value and sustainable tourism sector, and
  • a total of just under $102 million for the promotion of New Zealand to key overseas markets as a visitor destination, to implement the Tourism Strategy 2015, financial assistance for the provision of water and sewerage facilities to tourists in small local communities, the investment for the development of the New Zealand National Cycleway, and targeted financial assistance for significant non-commercial tourism facilities.

Details of these appropriations are set out in Parts 2-6 for Vote Tourism in the Information Supporting the Estimates of Appropriations.

Details of Appropriations#

Details of Annual and Permanent Appropriations

Details of Annual and Permanent Appropriations - Tourism
2009/10 2010/11
Titles and Scopes of Appropriations by Appropriation Type Budgeted

Departmental Output Expenses

Management Support of the National Cycleway (M69)

This appropriation is limited to the provision of support and advice for the National Cycleway Fund, support services for the Cycleway Advisory Group and associated ministerial servicing.
2,210 2,190 500

Policy Advice - Tourism (M69)

This appropriation is limited to policy advice, ministerial services, research and decision support, including grants management, for the Minister in relation to Tourism issues. It includes ownership and purchase advice on Crown-owned entities.
7,924 7,676 7,698

Total Departmental Output Expenses

10,134 9,866 8,198

Non-Departmental Output Expenses

Implementation of the Tourism Strategy (M69)

This appropriation is limited to third party expenses in implementing the New Zealand Tourism Strategy 2015.
1,676 1,676 1,352

Marketing New Zealand As a Visitor Destination through Joint Venture Partnerships (M69)

This appropriation is limited to joint venture partnerships for marketing New Zealand as an international visitor destination.
5,000 5,000 5,000

Marketing of New Zealand as a Visitor Destination (M69)

This appropriation is limited to the promotion of New Zealand as a visitor destination in key overseas markets.
84,001 84,001 93,931

Wairakei Infrastructure (M69)

This appropriation is limited to depreciation expenses on infrastructural assets located within the Wairakei area.
25 25 25

Total Non-Departmental Output Expenses

90,702 90,702 100,308

Non-Departmental Other Expenses

Tourism Facilities Development Grants (M69)

Government Grants for non-commercial, nationally significant tourism facilities.
267 265 267

Total Non-Departmental Other Expenses

267 265 267

Total Annual and Permanent Appropriations

101,103 100,833 108,773

Details of Multi-Year Appropriations#

Multi-Year Appropriations - Tourism
Type, Title, Scope and Period of Appropriations Appropriations, Adjustments and Use $000

Non-Departmental Other Expenses

The National Cycleway Fund (M69)

This appropriation is limited to the provision of financial assistance for the development of a National Cycleway.

Commences: 1 July 2009

Expires: 30 June 2012

Original Appropriation 47,500
Adjustments for 2008/09 -
Adjustments to 2009/10 -
Adjusted Appropriation 47,500
Actual to 2008/09 Year End -
Estimated Actual for 2009/10 600
Estimated Actual for 2010/11 30,900
Estimated Appropriation Remaining 16,000