Estimates of appropriations

Vote Statistics - Estimates 2010/2011




Overview of the Vote#

The Minister of Statistics is responsible for appropriations in the Vote for the 2010/11 financial year. A total of $89.117 million is appropriated for the Official Statistics - Multi Class Output Appropriation (MCOA) comprising the following outputs:

• a total of $13.964 million for Coordination of Government statistical activities

• a total of $30.809 for Economic and Business statistical information services

• a total of $44.344 million for Population, Social and Labour Force statistical information services.

A Multi-year Appropriation was established from 1 July 2007 to provide for flexibility in planning for the 2011 Census of Population and Dwellings as a single programme over the five year cycle. A total of $88.606 million has been appropriated for the 2011 Census. Actual expenditure for 2007/08 was $2.043 million and for 2008/09 was $6.901 million. It is expected that $12.519 million will be spent in 2009/10 and $55.549 million in 2010/11, leaving a balance of $11.594 million for the remainder of the 2011 Census 5 year programme.

Details of these appropriations are set out in Parts 2-6 for Vote Statistics in the Information Supporting the Estimates of Appropriations.

Details of Appropriations#

Details of Annual and Permanent Appropriations

Details of Annual and Permanent Appropriations - Statistics
2009/10 2010/11
Titles and Scopes of Appropriations by Appropriation Type Budgeted

Departmental Output Expenses

Official Statistics MCOA (M67)

94,035 94,035 89,117
Coordination of Government Statistical Activities
Leadership of the OSS, including liaison with OSS partners, provision of ministerial services, statistical advice, and the operation of access channels.
15,045 15,045 13,964
Economic and Business Statistical Information Services
Delivery of statistical information services relating to business and the economy.
30,680 30,680 30,809
Population, Social and Labour Force Statistical Information Services
Delivery of statistical information services relating to the population, environment, household economics, social conditions, and the labour force.
48,310 48,310 44,344

Total Departmental Output Expenses

94,035 94,035 89,117

Departmental Capital Expenditure

Statistics New Zealand - Capital Expenditure PLA (M67)

This appropriation is limited to the purchase or development of assets by and for the use of the Statistics New Zealand, as authorised by section 24(1) of the Public Finance Act 1989.
12,100 12,100 16,000

Total Departmental Capital Expenditure

12,100 12,100 16,000

Total Annual and Permanent Appropriations

106,135 106,135 105,117

Details of Multi-Year Appropriations#

Multi-Year Appropriations - Statistics
Type, Title, Scope and Period of Appropriations Appropriations, Adjustments and Use $000

Departmental Output Expenses

2011 Census of Population and Dwellings (M67)

Planning and delivery of the 2011 five-yearly Census of Population and Dwellings, as required under the Statistics Act 1975.

Commences: 1 July 2007

Expires: 30 June 2012

Original Appropriation 73,193
Adjustments for 2008/09 15,413
Adjustments to 2009/10 -
Adjusted Appropriation 88,606
Actual to 2008/09 Year End 8,944
Estimated Actual for 2009/10 12,519
Estimated Actual for 2010/11 55,549
Estimated Appropriation Remaining 11,594

Details of Projected Movements in Departmental
Net Assets#

Statistics New Zealand

Statistics New Zealand - Details of Projected Movements in Departmental Net Assets - Statistics
Details of Net Asset Schedule 2009/10
Estimated Actual
Explanation of Projected Movements in 2010/11
Opening Balance 50,262 50,262
Capital Injections - 2,681 Update and upgrade the statistical measurement infrastructure through revision and implementation of the industry, occupation and commodities classifications ($2.124 million), Enhancement of Productivity Measures for New Zealand ($392,000) and Archiving for Census ($165,000).
Capital Withdrawals - -
Surplus to be Retained (Deficit Incurred) - -
Other Movements - -

Closing Balance

50,262 52,943