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Labour Force Participation and Economic Growth Workshop

Papers and presentations from a workshop that was jointly sponsored by the Treasury, the Ministry of Social Development, the Ministry of Women’s Affairs and the Department of Labour held in Wellington on 14 and 15 April 2005.

Documents are available in Adobe PDF format only. HTML versions can be supplied on request by Information Services at the Treasury.
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Apr 2005   Programme - Workshop on Labour Force Participation and Economic Growth lfpw-programme-v3.pdf (350 KB)

Apr 2005 Christopher Prinz Presentation - Disability Policy Lessons for New Zealand lfpw-prinz.pdf (140 KB)

Apr 2005 Christopher Ruhm Paper - Maternal Employment and Adolescent Development lfpw-ruhm.pdf (208 KB)

Apr 2005 Christopher Ruhm Presentation - Maternal Employment and Child Development lfpw-pres-ruhm.pdf (94 KB)

Jan 2005 David C Card and Dean Hyslop Paper - Understanding the Dynamic Effects of the SSP Applicant Experiment lfpw-card-hyslop.pdf (656 KB)

Apr 2005 Florence Joumotte Presentation - Female Labour Force Participation: Past Trends and Main Determinants in OECD Countries lfpw-pres-jaumotte.pdf (952 KB)

Apr 2005 Grant Johnston Paper - Women's Labour Force Participation in New Zealand and the OECD lfpw-johnston.pdf (384 KB)

Apr 2005 Mark Vink Presentation - What Works for Women with Children: Parental Leave Mandates and Childcare Assistance lfpw-vink.pdf (239 KB)

Apr 2005 Michael Brittman Paper - Gendered Work and its Impact on Labour Force Participation lfpw-pres-brittman.pdf (235 KB)

Apr 2005 Murat Genç Paper - Gender and Ethnicity in the Labour Market Participation Decision lfpw-genc.pdf (419 KB)

Apr 2005 Nicholas Mays Paper - Improving the Labour Force Participation of People on Disability-Related Benefits lfpw-mays.pdf (469 KB)

Apr 2005 Paul Callister Paper - The changing distribution of paid and unpaid work in New Zealand lfpw-callister.pdf (224 KB)

Apr 2005 Paul Callister Presentation - Changing Distribution of Paid and Unpaid Work in New Zealand lfpw-pres-callister.pdf (128 KB)

Apr 2005 Roger Hurnard Presentation - The Effect of NZ Superannuation Eligibiliy Age on the Labour Force Participation of Older People lfpw-hurnard.pdf (240 KB)

Apr 2005 Ross Guest Paper - Some Good News about an Ageing Workforce lfpw-guest.pdf (181 KB)

Apr 2005 Ross Guest Presentation - Some Good News About an Ageing Workforce lfpw-pres-guest.pdf (116 KB)

Apr 2005 Shelley Lundberg Presentation - Family Decisionmaking and Labour Force Participation lfpw-pres-lundberg.pdf (252 KB)

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