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Better Use of Data Hui

Better access and use of data is critical for effective decision making and supporting groups to progress their own development agendas.

The Treasury, Statistics New Zealand, and the Ministry of Social Development organised three hui in 2015 and 2016 on data use to support and enable groups to achieve social and economic prosperity and wellbeing, and to bring together leaders, social sector NGOs, and government.

Hui were held on 24 September 2015, 10 December 2015, and 19 April 2016.

Material from the September 2015 hui is available below.

Material from the December 2015 hui is available at

Material from the April 2016 hui is available at


Material from the September 2015 Hui#

Documents are available in Adobe PDF format only. HTML versions can be supplied on request from Information Services at the Treasury.

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Enabling Maori Development - Joining the Data Dots (24 Sep 2015)#

24 Sep 2015 Hon Bill English, Minister of Finance Presentation: Connecting the Government's Data Dots
Released 20 October 2015
ud-emd-mof-sep15.pdf (377 KB)

Sep 2015 The Treasury Poster/Flyer: Hui Invite
Released August 2015
ud-emd-invite-sep15.pdf (552 KB)

Sep 2015 The Treasury Poster/Flyer: Hui Programme
Released September 2015
ud-emd-prog-sep15.pdf (387 KB)

Sep 2015 Peter Galvin, Dorothy Adams - Ministry of Social Development Presentation: Integrated Data - Links to Iwi Development
Released 20 October 2015
ud-emd-iwidev-sep15.pdf (381 KB)

Sep 2015 Kirikowhai Mikaere - Rangitikei Iwi Collective Presentation: Te Kete tu Atea: An Information Framework for the Rangitikei Iwi Collective
Released 20 October 2015
ud-emd-kete-sep15.pdf (1.9 MB)

Sep 2015 Lisa Rodgers and Cyril Mako - Ministry of Education Presentation: Investing in Achievement, Excellence and Equity
Released 20 October 2015
ud-emd-iaee-sep15.pdf (1.8 MB)

Sep 2015 Mereana Piripi, Hugh Karena - Te Hiku Iwi Development Trust Presentation: Iwi Led Success by Connecting with Government Data
Released 20 October 2015
ud-emd-iwisucc-sep15.pdf (4 MB)

Sep 2015 Amohaere Houkamau, Tina Porou - Ngati Porou Presentation: Ngati Porou: Our Data Journey
Released 20 October 2015
ud-emd-ngatiporou-sep15.pdf (1 MB)

Sep 2015 Liz MacPherson, Paul Brown, Evelyn Wareham - Statistics New Zealand Presentation: Unleashing the Power of the Data to Change Lives
Released 20 October 2015
ud-emd-updcl-sep15.pdf (1.5 MB)