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Cabinet Paper DEV-20-SUB-0039: Mixed-use Buildings Under the Earthquake Commission Act 1993

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Cabinet Paper CAB-20-SUB-0039: Mixed-use Buildings under the Earthquake Commission Act#


  1. This paper seeks agreement to proposed amendments to the Earthquake Commission Act 1993 (EQC Act) to be introduced in 2020. The amendment will focus on EQC cover of mixed-use buildings, and the EQC Act definition of ‘residential building’, which is a key determinant of the extent of EQC cover provided for a building. The amendments intend to ensure that the EQC Act equitably accounts for homeowners’[1] use of, and interest in, common areas in mixed-use buildings.
  2. [9(2)(f)(iv)] This paper sets out the proposed amendments to be progressed through the Bill, with a focus on the coverage of mixed-use buildings under the EQC Act, and the Act’s definition of ‘residential building’.
  3. I previously noted my intention to progress this work as part of reporting on the Treasury’s analysis on property insurance markets (DEV-19-Min-0332 and CAB-19- MIN-0675 refer).


  1. [1] This paper uses the term ‘homeowners’ to refer to owners of residential dwellings in a mixed-use building.

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