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Cabinet Paper DEV-19-SUB-0181: DEV Strategic Discussion: Update on the Economic Strategy

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Cabinet Paper DEV-19-SUB-0181: DEV Strategic Discussion: Update on the Economic Strategy#


  1. This paper provides a revised Economic Strategy framework and outline for the Economic Strategy document for discussion at the Cabinet Economic Development Committee (DEV) on 26 June 2019.


  1. The Minister for Economic Development and I have updated the Economic Strategy framework we presented to the DEV Strategic Sub Committee on 22 May 2019 [DEV-19-MIN-0107]. At that meeting we heard that the framework should be revised to:
    1. better reflect this Government’s vision and approach;
    2. clarify how cross-cutting work like housing and education would fit across the six policy focus areas; and
    3. make the Economic Strategy’s causal logic clearer.
  2. The Minister for Economic Development is also launching our Industry Policy on 2 July 2019. The Industry Policy report signals the six policy focus areas the Government is using to shape and organise its work

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