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Cabinet Paper CBC-19-SUB-0012: Prime Minister's Emerging Priorities Fund: Support for Rainbow Communities

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Extract from Cabinet Paper CBC-19-SUB-0012: Prime Minister's Emerging Priorities Fund: Support for Rainbow Communities#


  1. This paper seeks agreement to use the Prime Minister’s Emerging Priorities Fund to provide seed funding for a Rainbow Wellbeing Legacy Fund and to provide a one-off contribution towards the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (ILGA) World Conference in Wellington (20-23 March 2019). The paper seeks agreement to commit $1.070 million, funded from the Prime Minister’s Emerging Priorities Fund.
  2. In 2017 the Government proposed legislation to expunge wrongful convictions for homosexual acts prior to the decriminalisation in 1986. At the same time the Government issued an apology to these people. The decision was made not to offer compensation. We now seek, in agreement with the Prime Minister, to acknowledge these people through the establishment of a Rainbow Wellbeing Legacy Fund. It will contribute to better mental health and wellbeing outcomes for, in particular, young and marginalised rainbow peoples. It will mean that the indignities they suffered are now being met with a Fund that demonstrates more acceptance and support for rainbow communities.
  3. The contribution towards the ILGA World Conference will enable the voluntary host organisations to deliver the event while breaking even. This global event promotes human rights and has not been held in New Zealand before. It presents a unique opportunity for LGBTIQ+ peoples in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands to participate in this important forum.

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