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Cabinet Paper CAB-19-SUB-0072: Proposed Overseas Travel: Hon Shane Jones: Visit to Singapore and Hong Kong

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Cabinet Paper CAB-19-SUB-0072: Visit to Singapore and Hong Kong#

  1. I seek Cabinet approval to travel to Singapore and Hong Kong from March 17 - March 23. The primary purpose of this travel is to accompany the Infrastructure New Zealand delegation on their ‘Building Cities’ trip. The trip focuses on the role of infrastructure planning to support economic development and provides an excellent platform to learn from international experience and have varied discussions with relevant New Zealand stakeholders in an international setting.
  2. In addition to attending the most important and relevant aspects of the programme, I also intend to conduct a targeted set of visits and meetings with infrastructure stakeholders and investors such as Infrastructure Asia and the ANZ Bank while in both Singapore and Hong Kong, which are currently being scoped by officials.
  3. The Prime Minister has approved the travel in-principle, and House leave has been sought from the Party Whip.

Purpose of Travel

  1. The Infrastructure New Zealand trip delegations are thoughtfully targeted at presenting infrastructure challenges and the learnings and experiences are directly relevant to the current policy landscape and horizon of future thinking. The visit will provide a good opportunity to promote our recently announced New Zealand Infrastructure Commission and to engage further with the New Zealand sector on successfully implementation of the initiative.
  2. The parts of the programme I intend to attend are:
    1. Introduction to the Economy of Singapore and the Role of Infrastructure in National Development
    2. Singapore’s National Development and Infrastructure Priorities
    3. Tour of Marina Bay
    4. The economy of Hong Kong and China and Infrastructure Funding, Financing and Investment
    5. Site visit: Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge
    6. Hong Kong Integrated Transport and Development
    7. Hong Kong Rail and Property Model
    8. Hong Kong’s Development Strategy
  3. I also intend to seek meetings with:
    1. Infrastructure Asia – this is a newly formed government agency designed to serve as a bridge for different industry players across the infrastructure ecosystem, multilateral development banks and the public sector, and to be a one-stop platform for the information exchange and sharing of best practices in Asia. Given the similarities to the New Zealand Infrastructure Commission, I expect to gain valuable insights from their establishment experience.
    2. ANZ Bank – as a major investor in infrastructure in the region.
    3. The new High Commissioner to Singapore to establish a relationship and be briefed on key local issues.

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