Historical Vote Information

Vote chapters from the various Estimates documents from Budgets back to Budget 1998.

View notes to the Historical Vote Information for details of establishment, disestablishment, renames and mergers of Votes since Budget 1998. Votes are current if they appear in the Estimates of Appropriations 2023/24.

Vote Climate Change

Vote Climate Change chapters in Estimates documents from Budgets 2008 to 2012. Vote Climate Change is not a current Vote.


Note 50

From the Estimates of Appropriations 2012/13 in Budget 2012, Vote Climate Change was merged into Vote Environment.

Vote Climate Change - Supplementary Estimates 2011/12





Note 8

From the Estimates of Appropriations 2008/09 in Budget 2008, Vote Climate Change and Energy Efficiency was renamed to Vote Climate Change as the energy efficiency appropriations were transferred to Vote Energy.

Vote Climate Change - Estimates 2008/2009