Briefing to incoming minister

Towards Higher Living Standards: Briefing to the Incoming Government 1999

Towards Higher Living Standards was the Briefing to the Incoming Government prepared before the 1999 election, it aimed to inform Ministers of the major issues Treasury sees facing New Zealand over the next few years. The briefing paper Welcome to the Treasury was published at the same time but has since been withdrawn from the website as it is no longer current.

Table of contents

  • Towards Higher Living Standards for New Zealanders
    • Treasury's perspective
    • Key messages
  • Towards Higher Living Standards for New Zealanders
    • Introduction
    • New Zealand now
    • Issues and challenges for the incoming government
    • Higher living standards for New Zealanders
  • Openness and International Linkages
    • Trade: lifting New Zealanders' incomes
    • Investment and migration
    • Next steps
  • Macroeconomic Stability
    • The current fiscal policy framework
    • The next three years...
    • Next steps
  • A Competitive Private Sector
    • Industry policy
    • Best practice
    • Next steps
  • Increasing Skills and Participation
    • New Zealand and overseas trends
    • Formal skills
    • Where to?
    • Improving skills and educational outcomes
    • Next steps
  • Social Cohesion and Inclusion
    • Material well being and social cohesion
    • Issues for Government
    • Disadvantage
    • Next steps
  • Innovative and Effective Public Sector
    • Increase in effectiveness
    • Long-term challenge
    • Next steps