Briefing to incoming minister

Growing Higher Living Standards for New Zealanders: Briefing to the Incoming Government 2002

Growing Higher Living Standards for New Zealanders was the Briefing to the Incoming Government prepared before the 2002 election, it aimed to inform Ministers of the major issues Treasury sees facing New Zealand over the next few years. The briefing paper A Guide to the Treasury was published at the same time but has since been withdrawn from the website as it is no longer current.

​​​​​​Table of contents

  • Forward
  • Chapter one: The growth challenge
    • Why growth matters
    • Measuring New Zealand's economic performance
    • Explaining New Zealand's growth performance
    • Moving forward
  • Chapter two: A base for growth
    • Macroeconomic stability
    • An economy underpinned by strong social capability
    • A skilled and flexible labour force
    • A business environment that encourages innovation
    • An open economy with high levels of global connectedness
    • Summing up
    • Next steps
  • Chapter three: Lifting growth further
    • Improving investment
    • Innovating successfully
    • Increasing global connectedness
    • Next steps
  • Chapter four: An effective, efficent and innovative state sector
    • Maintaining fiscal control
    • Getting better prioritisation
    • Increasing effectiveness
    • Getting best value out of the Crown's investments
    • Next steps
  • Chapter five: Growth and the environment
    • Defining environmental sustainability
    • Harmonising economic growth and environmental sustainability
    • Making environmental policy growth-friendly
    • Next steps