Briefing to incoming minister

Economic Management

Economic Management was the Briefing to the Incoming Government prepared before the 1984 election, it aims to outline the nature of the issues facing the Government and to put forward a framework for their analysis. Economic Management: Land Use Issues was published at the same time and is available from a separate download page. The briefing paper is available for download in Adobe PDF format only.

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Part One Economic Situation and Outlook#

  • Chapter 1 Current International Situation and Outlook
  • Chapter 2 Current Economic Situation and Outlook to 1985/86


  • Chapter 3 Forecasts of Overseas Exchange Transactions


  • Chapter 4 Fiscal Position 1984/85
  • Chapter 5 Debt, Reserves and Borrowing
  • Chapter 6 Income Distribution

Part Two Policy Organisational Issues#

  • Chapter 1 Economic Management: Overview
  • Chapter 2 The Practice and Organisation of Economic Management
  • Chapter 3 Macroeconomic Overview: Monetary, Fiscal and Exchange Rate Policies
  • Chapter 4 Monetary Policy
  • Chapter 5 Management of the Exchange Rate
  • Chapter 6 Fiscal Outlook
  • Chapter 7 Macroeconomic Effects of Fiscal Policy
  • Chapter 8 Fiscal Policy: Expenditure and Revenue Principles
  • Chapter 9 Expenditure Planning and Control
  • Chapter 10 Tax Policy
  • Chapter 11 Labour and Employment
  • Chapter 12 Social Policy
  • Chapter 13 The Public Sector
    • 1 State Owned Trading Enterprises
    • 2 Management of The Public Service
  • Chapter 14 Meeting Government Objectives Through Intervention in the Private Sector: Regulation and Industry Assistance
  • Chapter 15 Limitation of Competition Among Exporters of Primary Products