BASS benchmarking report

Administrative & Support Services Benchmarking Report for the Financial Year 2014/15

The Treasury has released its sixth report on the cost, efficiency and effectiveness of administrative and support (A&S) services across 26 public sector agencies.  This report assesses the efficiency and effectiveness of agencies' back office functions, with a goal of supporting and freeing up resources for front line public services.

The report covers five functions: Human Resources, Finance, Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Procurement, and Corporate and Executive Services. Findings are based on the year ended 30 June 2015 and two preceding years. 

The report provides a picture of each function across agencies. It is a key deliverable from the annual A&S services benchmarking exercise, which provides management information to support value for money assessments, target setting, and tracking of improvement over time.

Individual agency reports will be published on each agency’s website. As they become available, links to each of these individual reports will be available at Benchmarking administrative and support services.