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Taking a Customer-Centric Approach in the Business

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Citizens demand for public (and private) services that are driven by their individual needs, and enabled by digital infrastructure and common outcomes across government agencies, is increasing the pace and complexity of change we must manage. While this presents us with strategic opportunities to transform how we deliver products and services to New Zealanders, it also increases the operational, security and information privacy challenges we must manage, the capacity improvements we must achieve, and the way we must work together as "government partners". We need to manage both these opportunities and challenges by fundamentally changing our system of service delivery and ensuring we are responsive to the fast and complex pace of change. This is an opportunity to explore what this means in practice, and how we might achieve it.

About Maria Robertson

Deputy Chief Executive, Service Delivery and Operations

Maria Robertson has held the role of Deputy Chief Executive, Service Delivery and Operations, since February 2013.

She leads a team of 900 staff in the passports, citizenship, births, deaths and marriages, community operations, charities and wider government service innovation programmes.

Maria was most recently the Deputy Chief Executive for Service Delivery at Building and Housing where she was previously the Deputy Chief Executive Organisational Development and Strategy. Prior to that, Maria was the General Manager, Advanced Dynamics (NZ) Ltd and Manager Performance Improvement Wood Products at Carter Holt Harvey. She has also held senior roles in Telecom, Comalco and Rio Tinto. As Deputy Chief Executive, Service Delivery and Operations, Maria has the following people reporting to her: Jeff Montgomery, Registrar-General and General Manager, Births, Deaths, Marriages and Citizenship; Christine Bennett, Director, Branch Development and Support; Lesa Kalapu, General Manager, Charities Services; Robyn Nicholas, General Manager, Community Operations; Justin Rowlands, General Manager, Customer Services; Karl McDiarmid, General Manager, Service Innovation Group; David Philp, General Manager, Identity and Passport; Mike Nathan, Director, Pou Arahi.

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