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Guest lecture

The Production of Money in both Banking and Shadow Banking Sectors, and Implications for the Stability of the Global Financial Crisis

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About Ann Pettifor

Distinguished Economist and Commentator on Public Policy

Ann Pettifor has a distinguished international reputation as a macro-economist and commentator on public policy. She is the Director of Policy Research in Macro-economics (PRIME), an honorary research fellow at the Political Economy Research Centre at City University London, and a fellow of the New Economy Foundation. She is also Executive Director of Advocacy International, which advises governments and organisations on international finance and sustainable development.

Ann Pettifor is best known for correctly predicting the global Financial Crisis and was one of the leaders in the Jubilee 2000 debt campaign which succeeded in getting the wealthy nations to write off $100 billion of debts owed by 42 of the world’s poorest countries.

Ann Pettifor is co-author of the Green New Deal a transformational economic programme published by the New Economic Foundation and designed to substantially reduce the use of fossil fuels while in the process tackling unemployment and the decline in demand caused by the credit crunch of 2007. Her latest publication is 'Just Money: How Society can Break the Despotic power of Finance' (2014).

Ann is in NZ as a distinguished scholar hosted by the Policy Observatory at the Auckland University of Technology.

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