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Guest lecture

New Zealand, the Pharos state: Keeping the light of living standards shining across turbulent international waters

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The Living Standards Framework is Treasury's approach to securing the wellbeing of current and future generations. One topic the framework has yet to address is that of geopolitical risk. New Zealand as a small developed nation faces a strategic challenge that has been faced by many small countries throughout history, that of securing its own future in the context of shifting regional and global hegemonies. In this guest lecture, Dr Cadogan illustrates some lessons for New Zealand from the historical experience of other small countries such as Ireland, Denmark and Portugal, and from the thought of master strategists such as Machiavelli and Sir Lawrence Freedman. Throughout his talk Dr Cadogan uses the image of the great lighthouse of Alexandria to represent New Zealand's personality in global affairs, as a source of hope and comfort to countries and peoples sailing turbulent waters.

About the presenter

Dr Bernard Cadogan

Dr Bernard Cadogan was educated at Otago, Cambridge and Oxford Universities. He has worked as Foreign Affairs Advisor to Rt. Hon Sir William English, Prime Minister of New Zealand 2016-17, Contributor to The Speaker's Review of Parliament 2018, Founder of the New Zealand Constitutional Review of 2011-13, Brexit Advisor 2015-16, Treasury consultant from 2011, Advisor to Hon.Trevor Mallard (2003-4), Advisor to the Leader of the Opposition 1999-2003, Executive Assistant to Hon. Bill English 1996-99, Informal Advisor on the Scottish Independence Referendum 2014 in the UK, Honorary Foreign Affairs Advisor to King Tuheitia appointed 2015.

His intellectual interests include Imperialism in International Relations systems - ancient and modern, the Philosophy of Paul Ricoeur (1913-2005), Charles Taylor (b. 1931) and Hans Georg Gadamer (1900-2002), Strategic thought in Thucydides and Machiavelli.

Dr Cadogan is a poet with impending international publication, and associate of the late Hone Tuwhare.

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