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Measuring and Managing Agency Performance: Seminar 4 of Investment Statement Series

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In the lead-up to release of the 2013 Investment Statement, Treasury is holding a series of seminars aimed at fostering interest in, and discussion on, balance sheet-related matters as well as the sharing of knowledge across the public sector and beyond. By building interest and fostering debate on themes such as agency performance, capital management, and risk management (all of relevance to the wider Crown Balance sheet), it is our hope that a sound platform will be provided for release of the Investment Statement by the end of 2013.

On the theme of agency performance, this seminar involves a presentation by Mike Bazett, Director KPMG Government Advisory, asking agency leadership:

  • Are you successful now?
  • Are you likely to be successful in future?
  • How can you be more successful - what do you need to do?

These are key questions that Chief Executives and their management teams must answer. Knowledge of current performance is necessary but only half the question. Measurement is important but is only a means to an end. The goal is to use measurement to drive strategy implementation and hence drive future performance. It is this that ensures patients, job seekers, pensioners, victims, students and others receive the services they deserve and that taxpayers receive value for money.

This presentation focuses on answering these questions. Drawing upon over twenty years experience designing and implementing strategic performance management frameworks for government and the private sector, the fundamental principles are brought to life through numerous case studies and anecdotes. These range from Marks & Spencer: "If we'd had this scorecard, we might not have ended up where we are" [share price crash in 2001], to the challenges of measuring the UK justice system, or the UK’s influence in Europe. Examples illustrate the challenges of defining what success means; simple and clear in some cases: Ministry of Defence - "Bombs on target", to critical but ephemeral definitions in other areas: London 2012 Olympics security - "Confidence nothing will happen".

Bio of Presenter

Mike Bazett, Director KPMG Government Advisory

Mike has deep expertise in designing and implementing performance management and measurement frameworks across government in the United Kingdom (UK) and in New Zealand.

In the UK, Mike led the development of some 50 plus Balanced Scorecards covering a dozen major UK government agencies at Board level. All assignments included strategy review, data gathering, and analysis. Many included cascading strategy from Board to the operational level. Agencies included: the Inland Revenue, Pension Service, Post Office, Home Office, Department of Trade and Industry, Royal Mail, Department of Environment, Food & Rural Affairs, Driving Vehicle Licensing Agency, Ministry of Justice and the 2012 London Olympics security; in addition, Marks & Spencer.

In New Zealand Mike recently led the work designing patient experience performance indicators for the health system and has led work measuring and assessing value for money for the Ministry of Health for problem gambling spend, the National Depression Initiative, and for spend on the Sexual and Reproductive Health of New Zealand.

Mike is currently leading the development of an extensive outcomes framework for Preventing and Minimising Gambling Harm, the Baseline report having just been published, as well as leading the measurement work-stream on Treasury's/Ministry of Health's ground breaking Social Bond pilot.

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