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Launch of Starting out with Regulatory Stewardship: An introductory resource

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Starting out with Regulatory Stewardship: An introductory resource has been developed by the Treasury, in consultation with the Regulatory Stewardship Chief Executives group – led by Caralee McLiesh, Chief Executive and Secretary to the Treasury, in her functional lead role for Regulatory Stewardship.

The launch will be opened by Caralee, who will introduce attendees to the role of regulation in improving wellbeing and shaping societal outcomes, the importance of good regulatory stewardship practices, and the Regulatory Stewardship Chief Executives’ role in building capability across the public service.

Caralee’s introduction will be followed by a chief executives’ panel discussion featuring:

  • Carolyn Tremain (Chief Executive: Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment)
  • Keith Manch (Chief Executive: Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand)

About regulatory stewardship

Regulatory stewardship is the governance, monitoring and care of Aotearoa New Zealand’s regulatory systems. It aims to ensure that all the different parts of a regulatory system work well together to achieve its goals, and keep the system fit for purpose over the long term. Effective stewardship requires a proactive and collaborative approach, so that regulatory systems adapt to changing circumstances in a timely way.

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Tuesday, 15 November 2022