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Guide for invited lecturers

Information for lecturers invited to present a Guest Lecture at the Treasury.

Background and Purpose

The Treasury has a wide mandate for advising the government on policy issues and expenditure that touch on all aspects of New Zealand society. Justice, education, social welfare, defence, State Owned Enterprises, health, international trading relations, employment, fiscal policy, business regulation, tax policy and Crown financial management are only a sample of the areas in which the Treasury plays an important role.

The purpose of this series, initiated in October 2000, is to invite leading academics from New Zealand and overseas to present a scholarly lecture at the Treasury. The speaker would be invited to provide a synoptic view of a theme, drawing on their own research and teaching. The speaker is strongly encouraged to draw out implications for policy formation and advice.

Through the Guest Lecture Series, the Treasury aims to foster debate and provide a source of intellectual stimulation on important issues that underpin its policy advice across these broad areas. We believe these objectives can be served by involving a wide spectrum of speakers from various disciplines, drawing on the wealth of academic scholarship and casting it in a way that helps inform the process of formulating policy advice.


The Treasury makes every effort to invite a wide range of participants from universities, research institutes, other departments and the private sector to the lecture. The speaker will be invited to suggest names that he/she would like to be included among the invitees. All Treasury staff are automatically invited.


The Guest Lecturer is invited to speak for a maximum of 40-50 minutes. At least 30 minutes is then allowed for questions, comments and discussion.

Overhead and/or video projectors and a laptop computer will be available.


The lectures are normally scheduled on a Wednesday, and are held every four to six weeks.

The lecture and discussion period is scheduled for 1.30 to 3.00pm in the main conference room on the 14th floor of the Treasury at No 1 The Terrace, Wellington.


The Treasury will meet the cost of air travel to Wellington, together with one night's accommodation if the speaker wishes to stay over either the night before or following the lecture. Any incidental expenses such as taxi fares will be covered. There is no honorarium payment associated with the lectures.

The Treasury will be pleased to make the airline and hotel bookings, which can be directly charged to Treasury.



Roseanne Grant | Administrative Support for the Guest Lecture Series
Tel: +64 4 890 7298
Email: [email protected]


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Thursday, 27 February 2020