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The EU and the United Kingdom: "Wandering between two worlds, one dead; the other powerless to be born?"

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Regardless of the result of the UK's referendum on EU membership on 23 June, the EU and the UK have a future in common, economies to coordinate, geopolitics to cooperate on. Whether these ends are attained for the UK within or outside the EU, the UK and the EU will continue to shape and heavily influence one another.

Why have the UK public and Conservative MPs expressed such dissatisfaction with the EU post-Westphalian sovereignty model, and what are the reform proposals on offer to rethink and reboot the EU project, and what are these politics of identity that wrack the UK right now?

About Bernard Cadogan

Dr Bernard Cadogan has his doctorate from Oxford University on Empire Studies and constitutional theory. He served Hon Bill English (1996-1999, 2005-8), the National Party Opposition (1999-2003), Hon Trevor Mallard (2003-5). He lives at Oxford UK with his wife and three children.

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