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New Zealand has the key ingredients to be a global innovation hub. It is fertile ground to incubate and launch globally impactful ventures.  The new digital economy offers New Zealand a unique platform to succeed and prosper, where distance and size are shifting from becoming a disadvantage to an advantage.  With increased migration of talent, New Zealand has features that attract top entrepreneurs and creative minds, those who are building ventures with potential to make a big impact on the world.  How can New Zealand best attract such talent and nurture entrepreneurship locally to be competitive in the global economy?

About Yoseph Ayele

An entrepreneur and global citizen, Yoseph runs KiwiConnect (, a team building bridges between the New Zealand entrepreneurial ecosystem and global innovation hubs, attracting world-class talent, impact capital, and innovative projects to New Zealand.  A graduate from Harvard University and Victoria University of Wellington, Yoseph moved to Wellington after helping grow Inflection, a technology startup in Silicon Valley with over 250 staff. In 2012 Inflection sold one of its digital products to for $100 million.

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