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Advisory: New Zealand Productivity Commission website

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Te Tai Ōhanga - The Treasury is keeping the work of the New Zealand Productivity Commission (the Commission) accessible to the public. The Commission was an independent Crown entity that operated between April 2011 and February 2024.

As of Wednesday, 22 May, the Treasury’s website includes much of the information previously held on the Commission’s website. This information can be found on the Treasury’s Productivity Commission (2011 – 2024) page.  This means that the public can continue to access key material from the Commission – including its inquiries, research and corporate documents.  The Commission’s website is no longer available. All web traffic is now redirecting to the page on the Treasury website linked above.



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Bryan McDaniel | Principal Communications Advisor, The Treasury

Email: [email protected], Tel: +64 (0)4 917 6268

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