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Making New Zealand a better place for people today and in the future.

Our Strategic Intentions sets out how we are pursuing our vision to lift living standards for all New Zealanders, by leading and serving from the centre of government.

Read our Strategic Intentions here

Latest data and charts

Ever wondered what the Treasury's work involves?

Our Annual Report is a great place to find an overview of our work, highlights for the year, and how we contribute to the performance of the public sector.

Read our Annual Report here

Make an Official Information Act (OIA) request

  1. Find out how to make an information request under the Official Information Act (OIA) on our Information requests guidance page.
  2. Before making a request, please check our publications to see what information is already publicly available and whether that information answers your questions.
  3. You can find a Guide for Requesters on the Ombudsman's website.

Official Information Act releases