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Think: Investment Possibilities


In our experience, the more time and effort put into thinking early in the process, the better the investment process goes.

If your government agency is giving serious consideration to a major investment or upgrade, then you should engage with the IMAP team at the Treasury.

We will work with you to understand the drivers influencing your decision-making and to explore the investment possibilities. This involves anticipating as much as possible what will be required to define your project or programme, and to get to your desired outcome.

Part of the Treasury's role is to analyse the information from across all government agencies to establish an overview of investment intentions and to identify common groupings of potential investment activity. Our work in this area helps manage the Crown's balance sheet more efficiently and effectively. We are particularly interested in understanding if the benefits promised at the outset are realised after implementation.

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Strategic thinking and planning - Treasury guidance

In this section

  • Data collection process

    Since 2012, the Treasury has sought greater oversight of the portfolio of government projects by collecting data on significant project and programme intentions and initiatives underway.
  • Government project portfolio

    The Government Project Portfolio work provides oversight of what is planned and underway in the State sector.
  • Long Term Investment Plans

    A Long Term Investment Plan (LTIP) describes an agency’s or sector’s investment journey subject to their long term vision and goals.
  • Risk profile assessment

    Completing a Risk Profile Assessment (RPA) is an essential early step in the investment management process.

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Wednesday, 3 March 2021