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Investor Confidence Rating - Organisational Change Management Maturity

Managing organisational change is challenging and often critical to the success of projects and programmes.

The Treasury has included an organisational change management maturity assessment as an important aspect of investment management. 

Organisational change management consists of a series of techniques and activities which, when proactively coordinated and executed, smooth the transition from the 'old' to the 'new' environment and ensure that change is not just implemented but is embedded and set up to support delivery of the benefits from the change.

The Treasury has developed its own organisational change management maturity assessment. This is a whole-of-organisation assessment of its change management capability. The model is intended to assess more than change management applied to projects and programmes, although these will form a key part of the assessment. It is intended to cover all change an organisation undertakes and has planned eg, organisational reviews etc.

The methodology is being used via a self-assessment for the investment-intensive agencies, but is suitable for self-assessment by any government or non-government organisation.

As part of the ICR assessments, investment-intensive organisational change management self-assessments will be reviewed by a team of organisational change management experts.

The methodology is available for download in MS Excel format only:

Last updated: 
Tuesday, 20 March 2018