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Investor Confidence Rating - Benefits Delivery Performance

A project or programme cannot be deemed successful without delivering its benefits. The benefits performance assessment will be based on evidence of the extent to which actual benefits met the expected benefits from those investments as set out in relevant business cases.

The Treasury will work with each agency and relevant assessment partners to determine a suitable sample or portfolio of significant investments that have attained "in-service" status over a given period.

For the agreed investments, the benefits realised versus expected benefits in the relevant business case will be assessed to determine the benefits delivery performance indicator for the Investor Confidence Rating.

The benefits delivery performance, project delivery performance and asset performance information can be entered into the spreadsheet below and submitted to the Treasury. Instructions for how to fill it in can be found in the assessment and moderation guidance. If you have further questions please email the Treasury at [email protected]

For more guidance on managing benefits from programmes and projects please see:

For ICR purposes, agencies should use the lag indicator template.

Last updated: 
Tuesday, 20 March 2018