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Gateway reviews - becoming a reviewer

There are two types of Gateway reviewers, Review Team Member (RTM) and Review Team Leader (RTL). Both public and private sector personnel can become Gateway Reviewers.

To become a reviewer you need to undertake training through our training provider.  For further information on Gateway training and to register your interest, please visit the Gateway Overview.

If you are interested in becoming a member of a Gateway Review team the Gateway Reviewer Skills Profile below will provide a guide to the level of skills and experience required.

Skills Profile

Gateway reviewers come from a wide variety of backgrounds within both the public and private sector, however there are some common capabilities. Below is a list of attributes that Gateway reviewers tend to have:


Review Team Lead

Review Team Member

Typical background

  • Senior Public Servant level (or Managing Director/ private sector equivalent)
  • Experience as a Senior Responsible Owner (SRO) or Programme Manager/Director of high risk/high spend change programmes or projects
  • Substantial experience (guideline 15 years) with background in managing business aspects of major change or procurement programmes/projects with typical value of $50 million
  • Familiar with handling major strategic initiatives and managing business change
  • Policy development, which may include dealing with Ministers and managing new legislation.
  • Expert in at least one of the specialist skills areas listed below
  • Tier 4 manager or above in Government or private sector equivalent. In special cases, Tier 5 advisors or analysts may be considered.
  • Total of approximately eight years experience in one or more skills areas

    Please note that the required numbers of years of experience can be obtained from a combination of jobs/roles and can include operational as well as project and programme management experience
  • Good team player and communicator

Must Have

  • Excellent team leadership skills and be a good communicator
  • Awareness of good practice and key products
  • Expert experience


Note:'expert' describes someone who can cope with unusual/non-standard problems and issues, is aware of alternative options and approaches to situations, can guide or advise others in this skill and is able to look ahead and anticipate.

For the purposes of Gateway reviews, specialist skill areas are:

Skill Area Attributes

Project Management

  • Professional Project Management practitioner, e.g. PRINCE 2 or Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBoK) certified
  • Professional Programme Manager practitioner e.g. Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) accredited
  • Successfully managed significant projects/programmes or procurements
  • Responsible for best practice in project, programme or risk management


  • Professional procurement practitioner. e.g. Chartered Institute of Purchase & Supply (CIPS) accredited
  • Successfully managed contractual relationships
  • Responsible for best procurement practice

Other relevant skill areas include:

  • Business Management and managing business change
  • Communications
  • ICT
  • Contract and vendor management
  • Law
  • Policy
  • Delivering state sector reform
  • Finance and accounting
  • Property and construction
  • Facilities Management
  • Science and technology

Application Process

The reviewer application forms can be found here.

Once complete, email a copy to [email protected]

Please note that inclusion in the Gateway reviewer database does not guarantee placement on a Gateway review. Treasury may share some or all of the information contained in the reviewer database with Australian Government Federal and State agencies for their use in coordinating Gateway reviews within their respective jurisdictions.

An applicant will be placed on the reviewer database only where, in Treasury's view, the applicant has satisfactorily demonstrated that he/she has the required skills and expertise as stated in the Skills Profile. Incomplete applications may be disqualified or assessed solely on the information received in the application. To promote the effective usage and operation of the database, Treasury reserves its absolute right to review the performance of the members and to add or delete members based on expertise and performance.

An application is made on the basis that the applicant acknowledges that inclusion in the Reviewer database will not be construed to create any binding contract (express or implied) between the Treasury and the applicant. No legal relationship will exist between the parties until a Letter of Engagement is executed. At any time during the assessment process further clarification of any aspect of the application may be requested. Failure to supply clarification to the satisfaction of the Treasury may result in the application being disqualified.

Treasury reserves the right to enter into any discussions and negotiations with any person at its absolute discretion without the need to correspond with other applicants. Treasury may at any time negotiate with any person who is not an applicant and enter into an Agreement in relation to the services that are the subject of this application for registration with that person on such terms as Treasury in its absolute discretion considers appropriate.

Review Team Selection and Engagement

The reviewers will be chosen according to the skills required for a particular project undergoing a Gateway review and the relevant stage of the project lifecycle.

When identified for possible engagement in a review, the applicant will be contacted by the Gateway Unit to determine their suitability and availability for the review. Treasury is under no obligation to appoint an applicant, including when Treasury has initiated discussions with the potential reviewer.

In selecting potential members of a review team, the Gateway team will consider if potential reviewers:

  • have the required skills and experience for the programme/project being reviewed
  • hold the appropriate level of security clearance required for the programme/project under review
  • have the ability to quickly establish effective working relationships in a small team environment
  • agree to abide by the Gateway methodology outlined in Treasury's Gateway Review Process workbooks
  • are willing to sign a Letter of Engagement with Treasury which includes signing a deed of confidentiality and compliance, and a conflict of interest declaration.


The Treasury will pay a daily rate to private sector reviewers, depending on their skills and experience. The Gateway team will choose available reviewers who in their opinion represent best value for money for a given assignment. Fees will be negotiated and agreed prior to executing the Letter of Agreement.

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