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Review: investment reviews

Review processes help to ensure that investment propositions are sound, offer value to New Zealand and are set up for success.


In order to provide quality advice that supports good investment decisions, the IMAP team in Treasury runs a number of review processes at both agency and programme/project level. These reviews help us to assess the performance of investments against expectations and to encourage stated benefits to be realised and assets to be operated near optimal levels of performance.

At agency level, investment-intensive agencies will be assessed every 2 years and given an Investor Confidence Rating (ICR). The ICR will be an indicator of the confidence that investors (which may include Cabinet, relevant portfolio Ministers or Government Investment Ministers) have in an agency’s capacity and capability to realise a promised investment result if funding were committed.

At programme/project level, the Investment Reviews team within IMAP is responsible for facilitating reviews of high risk investments in the public sector. At present the primary Investment Review offered is Gateway. Gateway reviews are Cabinet-mandated for programmes and projects assessed as high risk on completion of a Risk Profile Assessment.

In this section we cover:

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Tuesday, 13 June 2017