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Benefits guidance

The Treasury is the lead on investment management, and also has a lead role in benefits management (supported by the corporate centre).

Effective benefit management is about giving investments the greatest possibility of realising and optimising the benefits promised, while maintaining controls to avoid the loss of value.

This updated guidance can be used by practitioners, decision makers and those implementing benefits management in their organisation. It provides a generic approach that can be tailored to suit your organisation.  A set of templates and examples support the guidance.

The guidance can be used for both Better Business Case (BBC) and non BBC investments.

Where benefits guidance fits


Documentation Description

Managing Benefits from Projects and Programmes:
Guide for Practitioners

Advice to support all investments achieve greater value through good benefits management practice

Better Business Cases

BBC provides a systematic way for stakeholders to think and work together to give decision makers the information they need to invest with confidence. A benefits realisation plan appended to the business case provides details in how the benefits will be managed and realised.

Cost Benefit Analysis

Approach to reducing the degree of uncertainty that would otherwise exist around benefit estimates.

Investor Confidence Rating

Is a rating of an agency's investment management environment. It is an indicator of the confidence that investors have in an agency’s capacity and capability to realise an investment result if funding were committed.

Investor Confidence Rating – Asset Performance

Helps agencies assess how well they are meeting agreed level of services and contains links to tool for assessing lag indicator performance.

Cabinet Office Circular
CO 15 (5)

Sets out Cabinet’s expectations for the management of investments and both physical and intangible assets

Benefits management templates

These templates can be tailored to suit both your organisation and the size, scale and complexity of the investment:

Templates, measures and guides library

Benefits Management Community of Interest

The Treasury is leading a programme to improve benefits management practice, capability and performance.  To assist with these improvements, the Treasury convenes an all of government Benefits Management Community of Interest, open to benefits management practitioners and other interested parties across government. If you’d like to know more, or would like assistance with benefits management in your own organisation please contact [email protected]. If you are a New Zealand Government employee you can also access the Benefits Management Community of Interest on the PSI website.

Benefits Training

A cross agency working group has developed two New Zealand government benefits training courses "How to excel as a Benefits Owner" and “Benefits Analyst training”. The training materials are found below, which align with the Treasury benefits guidance.

Benefits Training Providers New Zealand

Managing Benefits™ training courses are available from the following providers:

CiJ provides a range of training in benefits management. The material has been aligned to Treasury standards and includes:

  1. A one hour executive overview on benefits management;
  2. A half day benefits management course for business and benefits owners;
  3. A one day benefit practitioners course providing practical training using a case study.

For a copy of course outlines, email [email protected] and for more information, visit

Xelocity provides Wovex’s Benefiteer courses, being the 1 day Foundation and 2 day Advanced courses. For a copy of the course outlines, email [email protected], or visit

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Wednesday, 7 October 2020