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BBC expert practitioner and reviewer pilot

In 2014, Treasury launched an endorsed expert BBC practitioner/reviewer approach; this was intended to provide agencies developing business cases with a list of experienced and trained Better Business Cases consultants while BBC was being launched and implemented in New Zealand.

Treasury has now ceased the expert practitioner/reviewer certification process, for several reasons.

  • Certification of experts was a complex process run on NZ's behalf by the specialist BBC developers from the UK.  New Zealand was the only BBC jurisdiction to implement certification.
  • The UK-based expert certification is no longer available (those involved have retired)
  • Maintaining the 'experts' list but not certifying new experts was seen as giving an unfair advantage to existing practitioners
  • Better Business Cases have now been in NZ since 2010; the level of expertise and number of experienced practitioners has risen significantly and arguably the pool of experienced practitioners is large enough that designated 'experts' are no longer required.
Last updated: 
Wednesday, 28 June 2017