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Investment logic mapping

Investment Logic Mapping (ILM) is a technique to ensure that robust discussion and thinking is done up-front, resulting in a sound problem definition, before solutions are identified and before any investment decision is made.

It is a technique to ensure the 'story' about any proposed investment makes sense (the 'logic' part of ILM) and to test and confirm that the rationale for a proposed investment is evidence-based and sufficiently compelling to convince decision makers to commit to invest in further investigation and planning.

In New Zealand Investment Logic Mapping is recommended for all significant projects.

For projects and programmes assessed as High risk by the Risk Profile Assessment moderation process, ILM is mandatory and must be carried out by an accredited ILM practitioner from the list in the link below.

The main 'artefacts' from Investment Logic Mapping are the Investment Logic Map and the Benefit Management Plan.

The Investment Logic Map is a simple single-page flowchart that tells the story of an investment and exposes its underpinning logic. It is in plain English and has been designed to answer many of the key questions required to make an investment decision.

The Benefit Management Plan specifies the benefits an investment is expected to deliver, and the evidence that will be required to prove the benefits have been realised. This information is captured in the form of a Benefit Management Plan (BMP) which includes:

  • a description of the expected benefits
  • realisation targets and dates
  • supporting KPIs, Metrics and Measures
  • identification of the benefits owner and a description of their accountabilities
  • a benefit map, and
  • mechanisms for reporting and monitoring realisation, including post project closure.

ILM can help business case developers and sponsors define and validate the business need and the benefits the solution is expected to deliver.

The accredited facilitators are listed below. To gain accreditation a facilitator must submit examples of their work for evaluation to Victoria Department of Treasury and Finance. For more information on the accreditation process, please see the DTF website.

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Tuesday, 23 November 2021