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Better Business Cases™ – Clinics

The Treasury Investment Management and Asset Performance (IMAP) team includes experienced Investment Advisors who engage with agencies on the development and review of their high-risk business cases to get them ready for Ministers decision-making.

In 2015, IMAP team launched business case clinics as a way of supplementing internal agency expertise on business cases.

A clinic is a structured review process with Treasury and other system leads as reviewers. Instead of agencies needing to consult with all system leads separately, business case clinics bring the agency and relevant reviewers together in one workshop to provide consolidated feedback that is targeted to what is essential to meet business case standards to be ready for decision-making.

A business case clinic provides a single source of tailored and pragmatic business case advice from Treasury and system leads to agencies on their high-risk investments.

What projects are eligible for clinics?

The IMAP team at the Treasury can facilitate business case clinics for projects and programmes that have been assessed as high risk through the Risk Profile Assessment (RPA) moderation process.

When are clinics used?

Clinics can be tailored to meet the needs of the agency and are normally held at three stages in business case development:

  1. At an early stage: To establish the business case and assurance approach using the Business Case Scoping document; to test early thinking in the business case and provide feedback on the analysis and content.

  2. During development: To provide feedback on the business case during development to thinking and direction of travel.

  3. Near completion: To provide feedback on the business case and its readiness to go to decision-makers.

How are the clinics organised?

Any agency can initiate a clinic for a high-risk project or programme:

Step 1: Treasury and the agency agree the clinic, time and location, and identify the agency representatives and relevant system leads who should attend; 

Step 2: Agency provides prereading for pre-clinic review

Step 3: Treasury consolidates pre-clinic feedback from the system leads

Step 4: Clinic held to discuss and provide consolidated feedback to agency

Step 5: Minutes of clinic provided within 72 hours

Requesting a clinic

If your project or programme is eligible for a clinic and you wish to book one, please contact your Treasury Vote Analyst or Treasury IMAP Investment Advisor, or email [email protected]

For more information please email [email protected]

Last updated: 
Tuesday, 30 March 2021