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Strategic thinking and planning

This page provides information to support agencies improve their strategic thinking and planning. 

Cabinet minute and paper about strategic planning September 2019 

In September 2019, Cabinet considered public finance system modernisation and strategic planning. It agreed to stop requirements for Four Year Plans, and noted Ministers should have certain expectations for all agency strategic planning and reporting processes.

Clauses 4 to 11 of Cabinet minute CAB-19-Min-0439.01 and paragraphs 28 to 35 of Cabinet paper Cabinet paper CAB-19-SUB-0439 discuss strategic planning.

Cabinet’s general expectations for strategic planning 

This document explains Cabinet’s general expectations for agencies’ strategic planning as described in 2019 Cabinet papers. Treasury is publishing this document to help agencies understand and start to meet these expectations. It contains information on:

  • why strategic thinking and planning matter
  • Cabinet’s general expectations for all agencies
  • Information for investment-intensive agencies
  • how we have worked with other public service agencies since 2018 to review and start improving strategic thinking and planning.

Treasury’s work programme focused on improving strategic thinking and planning

Treasury’s 2021 work programme aims to help agencies understand Cabinet’s general expectations and support agencies to fulfil these general expectations.

We welcome your suggestions, ideas, and requests.
Email [email protected] if you have any questions or comments about our work programme.

Current guidance on developing Strategic Intentions

Improved strategic thinking and planning supports better external performance reporting by agencies. This is because documents like strategic intentions and annual reports should be a snapshot of an agency’s current strategic thinking and planning.

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Tuesday, 22 December 2020