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Strategic intentions and statements of intent

This page provides information which supports agencies to develop their strategy (including Four Year Plans) and to periodically advise Parliament and other readers of their strategic intentions. 

Developing and Reviewing

  • Performance and Financial Management Cycle Diagram
  • Four Year Plans (SSC website) - Four-year Plans are designed to provide an integrated view of an agency’s (or sector’s) medium-term strategy. The 4YP process has been designed so that agencies can structure the front part of their 4YP in a way that it can be used to meet the requirements in the Public Finance Act 1989 with respect to information on their strategic intentions.
  • Better Business Cases - BBC is a structured way that agencies can work through to provide a business case.

Producing Strategic Intentions / Statement of Intent

Public Finance Act - Departments' Strategic Intentions

Crown Entities Act - Crown Entities' Statements of Intent and Performance Expectations

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Friday, 1 November 2019