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Appropriations and Reportable Outputs

Guidance on appropriations and reportable outputs, including the performance planning information that is required on these types of expenditure each financial year.

What are appropriations?

Appropriations are the basis on which Parliament authorises the executive government to incur expenses and capital expenditure. Information on appropriations is provided each year in the Budget documents.

Further information:

What are reportable outputs?

Reportable outputs means a class of outputs that is provided by a Crown entity in a financial year and is funded (in whole or in part) by the Crown in accordance with an appropriation (as above), grants distributed under any Act, levies, fees, or charges prescribed under any Act.

Information on reportable classes of outputs are provided each year in a Statement of Performance Expectations (SPE). The SPE also contains Crown Entities’ annual forecast financial statements.   See Guidance on SPEs: CEA: Statement of Performance Expectations (SPE)

Performance planning information required for each financial year

For each financial year departments and Crown entities are required to provide concise explanations for appropriations and reportable outputs in terms of what is intended to be achieved and how performance will be assessed, with some exceptions.  Information for agencies on how to think about and do this:

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Wednesday, 25 September 2019