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Applying a wellbeing approach to agency planning and performance reporting

What is wellbeing?

While there are many possible definitions of wellbeing, a wellbeing approach has been described by the Government as "enabling people to have the capabilities they need to live lives of purpose, balance and meaning for them".

The overall goal is a public sector focused on current and future wellbeing.

To achieve the Government's wellbeing vision, New Zealand needs a public sector that is more strongly focused on improving current and future wellbeing. To support this focus, the Minister of Finance expects wellbeing to be incorporated into agency planning and performance reporting, and the Treasury has been working with agencies to understand how a wellbeing approach could be applied.

The following document is a guide for agencies on how they can incorporate a wellbeing approach into their external planning and performance reporting:

Fact sheet - Information on applying a wellbeing approach to agency performance reporting.pdf (PDF 1 MB)

How this document can be used

This document describes what we have learnt and is a working document, not a how-to guide or checklist. Agencies should consider how the approach described might be useful for their agency and use their judgement as to how they will use it.

This document focuses on the agency reporting requirements for departments set out in the Public Finance Act and the requirements for Crown entities under the Crown Entities Act.


Last updated: 
Friday, 1 November 2019