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Review of Policy Expenditure and Advice


Final report and other material relating to the Review of Expenditure on Policy Advice commissioned by Ministers in 2010.

The Government commissioned the Review of Expenditure on Policy Advice in August 2010 to provide advice on the cost and quality of policy advice, as well as the alignment between policy expenditure and the Government's priorities.

The Review of Expenditure on Policy Advice was chaired by former Treasury secretary Dr Graham Scott. Other members of the review team were former Secretary of the Department of Human Services in Victoria Patricia Faulkner, and Commerce Commission member Pat Duignan.

The Review's final report was provided to the Government in December 2010.

Government Response to the Review of Expenditure on Policy Advice

The Government has agreed to a suite of actions that respond to the Review's recommendations. The overall message is to adjust the system to drive sustained improvement in the quality and management of policy advice.  The suite of actions focuses on:

  • producing better financial and management information to drive value for money and efficiency
  • improving the leadership and management of policy advice within agencies, and
  • driving stronger central agency stewardship of the State sector to support cross-agency collaboration, performance improvement, capability building and focus on medium and longer term policy challenges.

The Government has directed the Treasury, the State Services Commission and the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet to oversee and facilitate implementation of the Government's response. These agencies will provide the Prime Minister, the Minister of Finance and the Minister of State Services with a detailed implementation plan by 30 June 2011.


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Review of Policy Expenditure and Advice

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