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IPANZ award for regulatory excellence

The IPANZ award for Excellence in Regulatory Systems is an annual award that recognises a policy reform, review or design initiative which improves the effectiveness of a regulatory system in achieving its outcome.

The award is sponsored by the Treasury and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.

The award is based on the extent to which the nomination provides evidence that:

  • it applied a systems perspective which considered how the regulatory system operates as a whole
  • it considered the roles and responsibilities of different participants within the regulatory system and how they contributed to overall system outcomes
  • it was based on analysis of system performance and evidence about how the system achieves or could achieve its outcomes
  • demonstrates how the system sustained and improved performance over-time
  • demonstrates best practice in consultation, and risk identification and mitigation.

Past award winners

  • 2017 Award winner: NZ Customs Service for their Joint Electronic Verification System, which was developed and implemented with China to provide further assurance on the origin of New Zealand goods exported to China. The System reduces the time and cost of ensuring goods receive appropriate tariff preference under the 2008 China/NZ Free Trade Agreement.
  • 2016 Award winner: Auckland Council for their Bylaw Review Programme which, through working with key stakeholders, took their 158 legacy bylaws and turned them into 32 citizen-centric, outcome-focussed bylaws. The Bylaw Review Programme also won the overall 2016 Prime Minister's Award for Public Sector Excellence.
  • 2015 Award winner: Department of Internal Affairs, New Zealand Police and the New Zealand Customs Service for Operation HYPER: an Innovative Multi-Agency Approach to Child Exploitation Investigations.
  • 2014 Award winner: Environment Canterbury for their Alternative environmental justice system.

More information about the IPANZ Public Sector Excellence Awards and previous winners and finalists for the Excellence in Regulatory Systems award can be found on the:

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Thursday, 7 July 2016