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Regulatory management strategy

“Building Effective Regulatory Institutions and Practices” is the government’s strategy for the development of its regulatory management system.

The strategy, which was published by the government in April 2017, provides:

  • an overview of the current regulatory management system, roles and responsibilities, and
  • information on how the government intends to further develop the system through 2018 and beyond.

New Zealand has a well-established international reputation for its fiscal management and reporting disciplines. The government’s objective, as set out in the strategy, is to build a similar level of management and reporting discipline around government regulation. 

To support progress towards that objective, the actions identified in the current strategy seek to build on two foundational themes:

Publication of its regulatory management strategy fulfils one of the commitments made by the government in its 2015 response to the Productivity Commission report.

Last updated: 
Friday, 21 April 2017