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Information Release: Regulatory Stewardship Expectations

The Cabinet paper and minute released below outline the following new initiatives:

  • expectations for department’s regulatory stewardship responsibilities, and
  • disclosure requirements for legislation and regulation produced by the government.

A Treasury discussion document and regulatory impact statement which relate to the decisions contained in this Cabinet paper are also available below.

Read the related media statement by Hon John Banks, Minister for Regulatory Reform on the Beehive website: New Initiatives Improve regulations (18 April 2013).

Release Documents

These documents are available in Adobe PDF format only. HTML versions can be supplied on request from Information Requests. Using PDF Files

Doc. Date Created by Title


4 Mar 2013

Cabinet Office

Cabinet Minute CAB Min (13) 6/2B: Regulatory Systems: Improving New Zealand’s Regulatory Performance
Released 18 April 2013.

21 Feb 2013

Office of the Minister of Finance and the Office of the Minister for Regulatory Reform

Memorandum to Cabinet Committee on State Sector Reform and Expenditure Control SEC (13) 8: Regulatory Systems (Paper Two): Improving New Zealand’s Regulatory Performance
Released 18 April 2013.

29 Jan 2013

The Treasury

Regulatory Impact Statement: Increasing the Visibility of Legislative Quality Issues
Released 18 April 2013.

13 Aug 2012

The Treasury

A Revised Regulatory Standards Bill - Treasury discussion document and indicative legislation
Released 18 April 2013.

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