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Reporting on the Crown's commercial portfolio

Publications released by the Commercial Operations group are generally focused on guidance. In addition, accountability documents are published as part of the annual reporting cycle, and SOE disclosures are made regularly. These can be found here on the reporting page and on the corresponding entity page where applicable.

The Commercial Operations group no longer prepares an Annual Portfolio Report but previous years reports are available below.


Strategic Issues and Shareholder Expectations Letters

The Treasury periodically releases Letters of Expectation from Shareholding Ministers to Entities.

SOE disclosures

Shareholding Ministers expect that all state-owned enterprises and Television New Zealand Ltd will keep the public informed of matters that may have a material effect on their commercial value. This expectation is set out in the SOE Continuous Disclosure Rules, which are modelled on the Continuous Disclosure obligations applying to NZX-listed companies under the NZX Listing Rules.

See State Sector > Commercial Operations > SOE Disclosures

Annual Portfolio Report

The Annual Portfolio Report was produced from 2010 to 2013. It provided a snapshot of the performance of major companies in the Crown's portfolio and described the overall performance of the portfolio. 

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Wednesday, 3 February 2016