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Engage with us on social media

We welcome interaction with you on our social media accounts. The information below sets out how we use social media and the terms under which we invite you to engage with us. 

Join one of our social media channels and take part in the conversation: 

Please note that the Treasury no longer posts on its Facebook page.

Terms of use for social media accounts

Before you engage with us through our social media channels, we encourage you to read each channel's terms of use as well as our terms of use below.

What not to post

Please remember that our channels reach people of all ages and backgrounds. We ask that your comments are respectful to the Treasury, its staff and other users. 

With this in mind, here’s what NOT to post on our social media pages:

  • Abusive or derogatory comments about others - we will hide these posts immediately, and repeat posts of this nature will result in you being blocked from posting to our page.
  • Defamatory, libellous, false or misleading comments - as above.
  • Posts containing swear words - please be courteous when posting to our page.
  • Promoting a belief, cause or business - please don't use our pages for promotion of any kind.
  • Personal information - about yourself or others, such as private addresses or phone numbers.
  • Content that is not relevant to the Treasury or the work of the Treasury.
  • Content that has political bias - we are a politically neutral organisation and we will not enter into any discussion related to politics. 

We may, at our discretion, report, block or ban anyone who posts the above content or comments, or who breaches these terms of use or the terms of use of a social media channel (see below).


We reserve the right to report or remove (as appropriate) any posts or comments that may affect our neutrality or that do not comply with the:

By using or accessing our social media pages, you are considered to have consented to the conditions of use of that particular social media channel and our individual page or account. These terms of use apply to all our social media channels, unless otherwise specified.

Posts made by others to our social media channels are the responsibility of that person or organisation. They don't necessarily reflect the opinions or policies of the Treasury.


Crown copyright

The material we make available on our social media accounts is protected by copyright owned by the Treasury on behalf of the Crown. Unless indicated otherwise for specific items or collections of content (either below or within specific items or collections), this copyright material is licensed for re-use under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International licence. 

In essence, you are free to copy, distribute and adapt the material, as long as you:

  • attribute it to the Treasury and abide by the other licence terms 
  • reproduce the material accurately
  • don't use the material in a derogatory manner or a misleading context

Please note that this licence does not apply to any logos, emblems and trademarks or design elements. Those specific items may not be re-used without express permission. To enquire about using such items, contact [email protected].

Copyright of third parties

Our social media accounts may provide links to other websites or embed material which may contain information that is the copyright of third parties and subject to restrictions on use or reproduction.

You must get permission from the copyright owner to use:

  • copyrighted materials from other websites, or
  • material on our social media pages that is protected by the copyright of a third party.

Permission to use copyrighted materials from other web sites must be obtained from the copyright owner and cannot be obtained from the Treasury.


By submitting, posting or displaying your content on any of our social media accounts, you grant us a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide licence to use that content. 


The contents of our social media accounts are intended for informational purposes only. We shall in no event accept any liability for loss or damage suffered by any person or body due to information provided on these sites or linked sites.

The information on our social media sites and all government web sites is provided on the basis that persons accessing the website undertake responsibility for assessing the relevance and accuracy of its content.

These terms of use may be updated at any time without notice.

Contact us

Email [email protected] if you have any concerns or questions about our social media engagement, or any particular post. You'll find our Social Media Transparency Statement here: Transparency Statement


Last updated: 
Monday, 5 October 2020