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Stay up to date with the LSF

This page outlines ways to keep up to date with how the Treasury is developing and using the Living Standards Framework.

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The Treasury publishes a bi-monthly email newsletter that includes news and information related to our work – including the Living Standards Framework and the wellbeing approach. You can subscribe using the ‘Sign Up’ button beneath the page menu on the right of this page.

Hear from our staff

The Treasury receives frequent requests for speakers and presentations about the LSF and our work advising the Government on its wellbeing approach. As a relatively small agency, we are unable to fulfil every request. The videos linked to below answer some of the most frequently-asked questions we receive about the LSF and its role in the development of our advice to government.

Tim Ng, Chief Economic Adviser speaks about the conceptual and technical development of the LSF

Tim Ng, the Treasury’s Chief Economic Adviser, speaks about the conceptual and technical development of the Living Standards Framework and the LSF Dashboard.

Q4 Fiona Ross

Fiona Ross, former Chief Operating Officer and Deputy Secretary, speaks about how the Treasury is embedding the Living Standards Framework into its work, and the impact it is having on the Treasury’s culture.

Senior Treasury staff speak frequently about the LSF at external events and engagements. You can also find links to presentations, speeches, videos and podcasts here: Sharing our experience of using the LSF.

Read our most recent research and commentary

The Treasury routinely publishes working papers, analytical papers, treasury papers, and discussion papers. Individual staff also produce staff insights: rangitaki blogs.

The Treasury anticipates releasing our planned refresh of the LSF and LSF Dashboard in 2021. Look out for further discussion papers about this over 2020.

You’ll find links to the latest LSF-related research and commentary below:

What is the value of a policy proposal? (Staff insights: Rangitaki blog, 15 Aug 2019)

Wellbeing and Mental Health: An Analysis Based on the Treasury’s Living Standards Framework (Analytical paper AP 19/01, 9 Jul 2019)

New wellbeing analysis on mental health and loneliness (Staff insights: Rangitaki blog, 9 Jul 2019)

Culture, Wellbeing and the Living Standards Framework: A Perspective (Discussion paper DP 19/02, 28 Jun 2019)

An Indigenous Approach to the Living Standards Framework (Discussion paper DP 19/01, 1 Feb 2019)

He Ara Waiora/A Pathway Towards Wellbeing (Discussion paper DP 18/11, 20 Sep 2018)

An Asian Perspective and the New Zealand Treasury Living Standards Framework (Discussion paper DP 18/10, 3 Sep 2018)

A Pacific Perspective on the Living Standards Framework and Wellbeing (Discussion paper DP 18/09, 21 Aug 2018)

Resilience and Future Wellbeing (Discussion paper DP 18/05, 26 Jul 2018)

The Relationship between the Sustainable Development Goals and the Living Standards Framework (Discussion paper DP 18/06, 26 Jul 2018)

Wellbeing Frameworks for the Treasury (Discussion paper DP 18/01, 22 Feb 2018)

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Wednesday, 11 December 2019