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Why we need the Living Standards Framework

The Treasury frequently receives requests from people wanting to hear from us about the wellbeing approach and our work advising Government about the economy and New Zealanders' living standards. 

Being a relatively small and busy agency, we proactively engage with larger groups and target our communications where they can be most helpful. Unfortunately we aren’t able to fulfil every request.

These videos answer some of the most frequently asked questions we’re asked about the Living Standards Framework (LSF) and its role in the development of the Treasury’s advice to Government. They discuss the rationale for the LSF, its intellectual and technical development, and the cultural aspects of its application. 

Intellectual and technical development of the Living Standards framework

The Treasury’s chief economic adviser, Tim Ng, has been leading the intellectual and technical development of the LSF.

In this video series, Tim discusses some of the questions that Treasury staff are most often asked about the LSF, its technical aspects, how the LSF and the associated LSF Dashboard were developed, and who the Treasury consulted with during its development. Tim also outlines the gaps in the Framework that the Treasury wants to address, and what's next. 

Click on the links to view YouTube clips of Tim answering these questions:


The impact the LSF is having on the Treasury’s culture, and how we are embedding it into our advice

In this video series, the Treasury’s former Chief Operating Officer and Deputy Secretary Strategy, Performance and Engagement, Fiona Ross, talks about how the Treasury began to embed the Living Standards Framework into its work, the impact that it is having on the organisation, and the next steps.

Click on the links to view YouTube clips of Fiona answering these questions:

Last updated: 
Thursday, 12 December 2019