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Sharing our experience of using the Living Standards Framework

Because it is still relatively new and there is (as yet) no body of precedent for applying a wellbeing framework, we're focusing on building the depth of capability among our staff. As we develop our own expertise, at the same time we are sharing our experience with others.

Our aim is to build a wide understanding of what the LSF is all about; how it can help illuminate some of the complex, long-standing issues that affect the wellbeing of New Zealanders; and how it can help us assess where we have the greatest opportunities to make a difference.

Listed below you'll find links to the presentations and videos from some of these engagements:
Struan Little - Acting Secretary to the Treasury

International conference – “Understanding the impact of public intervention – how to make public investment work for a better future” – October 2019

The Treasury was invited to attend a conference held in Vilnius (Lithuania) for European Union delegates, to discuss New Zealand’s experience in “Understanding the impact of public intervention – how to make public investment work for a better future”. Although the Treasury was unable to send a representative, we recorded a brief interview with acting Secretary to the Treasury, Struan Little, who answered some of the delegates’ questions.

Tim Ng - Chief Economist to The Treasury

Podcast - How to speak LSF – August 2019

Chief Economist to the Treasury Tim Ng had a conversation with Dr Troy Coyle, chief executive of the Heavy Engineering Industry Association, about how the Living Standards Framework and a wellbeing approach relate to New Zealand’s metals industry, and why we should care. You can pick up the podcast from the HERA website.

Diana Cook - Deputy Chief Economic Advisor to The Treasury

Audit New Zealand roadshow series - March-April 2019

The Treasury’s Deputy Chief Economic Advisor Diana Cook and Chief Economic Advisor Tim Ng spoke about the Living Standards Framework and how it is being applied. Diana’s presentation is available to view on the Audit New Zealand website.




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