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Measuring wellbeing: the LSF Dashboard

The LSF Dashboard is a measurement tool which informs the Treasury’s advice to Ministers on priorities for improving wellbeing. We’ve published it on our website for public transparency and interest.


What's the purpose of the LSF Dashboard?

The Dashboard provides the indicators that the Treasury believes are most important to inform our policy advice on cross-government wellbeing priorities.

For example, it informs our long-term and strategic publications, such as the new four-yearly Wellbeing Report that the Treasury will be required to produce under the proposed amendments to the Public Finance Act 1989. Analysis of the indicators from the Dashboard was also used, alongside other wellbeing evidence, to inform development of the five priorities of the Government’s 2019 Wellbeing Budget.

The Dashboard does not (and is not intended to) provide the depth of quantitative and qualitative wellbeing evidence needed for agency or sector policy analysis. Agencies, local government and non-government interest groups will want to develop their own wellbeing datasets, with a deeper range of wellbeing data and evidence to suit their own needs.

Recent updates

The Dashboard was first released in December 2018, with the intention of periodic updates. It was updated on 12 December 2019 and includes new data available up to 15 November 2019. For more about this update, see this Treasury paper: Living Standards Framework Dashboard Update - December 2019 

What’s in the Dashboard?

The Dashboard includes a range of outcome indicators:

  • ‘Our country’ provides data for each of the LSF Wellbeing Domains. This includes distributional data and international comparisons, where available.
  • ‘Our future’ provides data about stocks of each of the four Capitals in the LSF. This includes international comparisons, where available.
  • ‘Our people’ provides supplementary analysis of how wellbeing varies across population groups and the relationships between the LSF Wellbeing Domains.

Illustration of how the Dashboard links to the Living Standards Framework

What other datasets are available?

Statistics New Zealand’s Ngā Tūtohu Aotearoa – Indicators Aotearoa New Zealand provides a more comprehensive suite of wellbeing indicators:

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Thursday, 12 December 2019